ACR Dealer Program

ACR is proud to introduce the ACR Dealer Program. This program provides incredible opportunities for dealers and the retailers they serve:

  • Hardware independence
    Dealers select from a wide list of ACR-certified hardware options.
  • Hardware and local services revenue
    Since ACR is not involved in hardware purchasing, 100% of the revenue from hardware and local services stay with the dealers.
  • Dramatic price competitiveness
    The single license cost to dealers includes all optional application modules and up to 99 terminal connections per site, allowing dealers the freedom to establish their own lane- and feature-based pricing.
  • Encouraged customization
    Dealers receive discounted development costs for customized product enhancements.
  • Dealer OEM option
    Dealers have the option to market a custom-labeled product.
  • Broad retail market
    The dealer product is capable of satisfying a wide array of retail verticals with single application. Our product has already achieved years of market acceptance by industry-leading retailers like Radio Shack, H-E-B, Shoe Carnival, Schnucks Markets, and more!
  • Feature-for-feature competitiveness
    Our dealer product offers functionality far beyond the scope of the "Boxed" traditional dealer POS offering, including:
    • Paperless Office
    • Automated Paging
    • Employee Training
    • CRM
    • Graphic Product ID
    • Employee Time and Attendance
    • Advertising on the Lanes
    • And more!

For more information about the ACR dealer program, contact the ACR Sales department at 800.747.9772 or

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