Modern Retail Solutions

Modern Retail Solutions engage your customers with rich point-of-sale applications
and keep you informed with access to real-time transaction data.

Data Management

ACR transforms your store’s POS and department terminals into information stations providing shoppers and cashiers, as well as store managers with vital and timely information. Store management personnel can easily access any of the data retained in the system’s central, shared database to help them achieve maximum store efficiency and profitability. POS transaction screens improve customer service and increase shopper confidence by providing detailed information about the customer’s order and other useful data.
ACR’s integration partners will conduct the multi-vendor bidding process for you, and once the final hardware components have been selected, will serve as the single-vendor interface for system ordering, delivery, and billing. This process simplifies your leasing, accounting, maintenance, and other administrative tasks.
The modular design of the ACR applications gives you the capability to install only those applications that best serve your needs. Because retailers have different POS requirements, ACR uses its extensive industry experience to help you develop an optimum system configuration that satisfies your store’s unique business needs.
ACR’s extensive data storage and retrieval capability permits you to choose:
  • What data you wish to keep
  • How long to keep the data
  • The method you use to access the data. You can choose to retrieve data using either an ODBC compliant tool to generate custom reports or you can generate ACR predefined reports.