Modern Retail Solutions

Modern Retail Solutions engage your customers with rich point-of-sale applications
and keep you informed with access to real-time transaction data.

Professional Services

ACR 5000 is a next generation retail management system which has been designed to assist the merchant provide superior customer service while maximizing the merchant’s knowledge of sales information, product movement, and store profitability. The ACR 5000 back office automation suite eliminates the productivity loss from time spent by owners/managers attending to back office details.The ACR 5000 retail management system is a comprehensive Point Of Sale (POS) application with integrated payments and an automated back-office. The system provides a host of Customer Self-Service options including Self-Checkout, Deli-Bakery, Floral pre-order, and many more customizable self-service as well as payment processing. ACR Systems also has Self-Service POS Station solutions for seasonal outdoor products such as Christmas trees, mulch, rock, and other bulk products. Our in-store Self-Service verticals are designed specifically to reduce the load on the front-end while dramatically increasing customer satisfaction. ACR 5000 is the next generation Point-of-Sale system for creating new revenue streams and new levels of customer satisfaction. The ACR 5000 System utilizes Linux based servers, self-loading thin client hardware, touch screen and/or standard POS keyboards, in-lane, back office or remote system controllers bundled with the latest peripherals which provide for all of today’s value added customer service objectives. The system includes features such as single or multi-lane self-checkout and self-service configurations using an integrated POS application for both cashier checkout and/or self-checkout; integrated payment processing services; RFID, and built-in customer loyalty programs, customer house accounts, credit card signature capture, prepaid offerings, customer data mining, graphical merchandising, global promotions, reporting and more.