Modern Retail Solutions

Modern Retail Solutions engage your customers with rich point-of-sale applications
and keep you informed with access to real-time transaction data.


ACR’s open choices provide comprehensive store-management and information-processing solutions, beginning at the transaction point. Our feature rich applications contain parameters that cover all of your business needs including preferred shopper, paperless office, product training, loss-prevention and checkout productivity. ACR software is designed to support a wide variety of retail environments such as grocery, retail, food service and specialty retail, combining and automating store management functions into a comprehensive, easy-to-operate system.
  • Profit building customer loyalty programs and target-specific marketing programs.
  • Cashier monitoring, productivity assessment and employee training for a more efficient front-end.
  • Advanced accounting options and multi-level banking features that provide true accountability and time and labor savings on data entry and reporting.
  • Microsoft Windows graphical interface that includes multiple cashier prompting windows, customer recognition, 13 line scrolling receipt and the ability to run and bill for timed advertising loops on idle terminals on checkout screens.
  • ODBC Interface for a flexible and time saving means of creating customized and comprehensive reports using familiar report tools. Provides the freedom needed to access real-time information critical to the management of daily operations.
  • Electronic payment interfaces
  • Credit authorization systems
  • Coupon printing interface
  • Gas pump interface
  • Labor scheduling
  • Electronic shelf tag support
  • Security interface
  • Paging interface
  • Customer price check terminals