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Modern Retail Solutions engage your customers with rich point-of-sale applications
and keep you informed with access to real-time transaction data.

Inventory Control

ACR’s Inventory Control System is the first complete perpetual inventory application to track store inventory, monitor item movement and automatically interface all transaction data to a centralized database. ACR streamlines accounting processes, improves the management of product flow and functions as an efficient replenishment system at the store level.
  • How you monitor where inventory is located – by broadly defined inventory departments, or by specific location in a department.
  • Transactions from a complete inventory transaction set (receivers, transfers, purchase orders, physical inventory counts, adjustments, shippers, and pickups) to move inventory and how operators will use these transactions to enter inventory movement information.
  • The configuration of each terminal running Inventory Control, allowing you to have terminals designed for different inventory functions.
  • Interfaces with ACR-5000TM POS and Scale Management’s real-time database, storing information into separate yet relational inventory files. Maintains all supplies, ingredients, kits, lay-away and catalog data, reducing data entry, paper transactions and errors in processing.
  • Helps you control vendor ordering and item pricing and provides analysis of performance and profit.
  • Improves physical count methods with an effective means of performing exception-basis counts and also provides counting by cycle, random spot checks, or specific storage areas such as rack or bin.
  • Supports manual receiving and Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) – DEX, NEX and customized ASN.
  • Interfaces to in-store multiple-function RF systems.
  • Provides specific reports to help you analyze inventory movement and inventory costs.
  • Automates ordering tasks, helping management to tailor assortments, shorten lead times and reduce warehouse stock.